Thursday, December 8, 2016

Just the thing!

Many years ago we had the option of ordering a single type of lolly or chocolate but after a few changes to Rainbow Designs these were removed until now!

After a prompting from a couple of lovely customers we have added some Single Selection gifts, from just $29 (including gift tag and delivery of course!).

We have Just Smarties, Just Jellybabies and Sugar Coat It (Jubes!) - they are available as half a kilo or kilo sized gifts and are ready now! Just in time for Christmas!

We love hearing from our customers with feedback, suggestions and ideas. It's so nice to know that they care about our business and what we do, makes the hard days (and there are many) worth it.

Christmas is just 18 days away and there are only 11 more delivery days left! (nb: some couriers are delivering on the weekend but it's not guaranteed, it's so they can keep up with the amount of parcels flying about this time of year) If you are still after some gifts and dread the thought of tackling the shopping centres and carpark why not shop online. We are hear to help make your gifting fun and easy.

Our yummy gifts start at $29 and all include fabulous goodies, gift tag with your personal message and Australia wide delivery by either Fastway Couriers or Australia Post.

Christmas Bubbles - $50 delivered
 We look forward to helping you now and into 2017! We've got the Christmas carols blasting and the santa hats a wearin', we're in full Christmas mode :-) Merry Christmas!

Saturday, November 19, 2016

We do Corporate Gifting!

A quiet start to the festive season means I'm busy finding new ways to promote and advertise, on a very limited budget might I add. It's such hard work and quite often with little or no reward at the end. I've been doing this for around 12 years and it never gets easier. I wish it would but so far it hasn't.

Sweet Selection Gift Hamper - $70 delivered
Sweet Selection Gift Hamper - $70 delivered
 I'm loving all of our gift hampers we have available and think they're just fabulous for business and corporate gifting, I just need to let all the businesses know about them! We've had a few previous customers place some orders, which is always fabulous, but I need a lot of new customers to help keep this business ticking over.

Christmas Cheer Gift Hamper
Christmas Cheer Gift Hamper - $190 delivered

There's so much competition and so many amazing people and businesses out there I'm competing with it's hard to find the point of difference and extra specialness and to promote it. Apart from shouting from the roof top I'm at a loss. Oh, we do Facebook and the occasional Insta post plus emails but that's about it and that's about all I can afford at the moment. Money is tight, eek!

Sweet Celebration Gift Hamper - $100 delivered
Sweet Celebration Gift Hamper - $100 delivered

So, if you or your business or the company you work for are in need of gifts for Christmas and/or the New Year we can help!! We can!! Our gifts start at $18 and work they way up to over $400 (it is a doozy - simply fantastic!). We'll deliver all of your gifts and include your personal message - sweet and savoury, wine and beer, cheese and crackers, there's something for all of your staff and customers to enjoy!

Executive Gift Hamper - $110 delivered
Executive Gift Hamper (red or white wine!) - $110 delivered

For all single orders over 30 gifts you will receive a super 10% discount - woo!

Lolly and Chocolate Gifts from $18 each
Lolly and Chocolate Gifts - $18 for min 20 or starting at $29 individual includes delivery.

Thanks for your support and have a yummy festive season. Don't work too hard!

Four Seasons Luxury Gift Hamper - $299 includes delivery

Monday, November 14, 2016

Gift Hampers for Christmas 2016

It's time to order your Christmas gifts! I know right, how fast has this year gone. October just disappeared in a blur and November is looking to be the same. I keep having to double check the date as I can't believe it's mid way through November already. I'm sure I missed a few weeks somewhere!

Sweet Selection - $70 delivered

With only about 6 weeks left until Christmas Day it is definitely time to get your Christmas orders in. We have traditionally found that the 2nd week of December is SUPER busy with last minute corporate orders coming in and forgotten family members who need a gift being sent asap! So don't wait too long, we want to ensure your gifts arrive before Santa does. This time of year always means that the couriers are extra busy and I mean BUSY so deliveries will take a little longer than normal.

To be on the safe side order your gifts within the next couple of weeks - not only will it mean you've got less on your to do list but it will ensure your gifts will make it under the Christmas tree ready to be opened on Christmas Day!

Some gorgeous, festive and yummy gift hampers that will make you the favourite of the family and with your work mates:

Our $29 lolly and chocolate gifts are perfect for friends and family with a bit of a sweet tooth.

Medium Sweet Tooth Box - $29 delivered
For under $50 you can bet that you will impress those worth impressing and wow those who didn't think you had it in you to buy the PERFECT gift!

Christmas Bubbles - $50 delivered
Now for your big families or group of friends our gifts over $150 will certainly hit the spot. These hampers aren't just a hamper they are a whole load of Christmas cheer! Filled with gourmet delights, chocolates, beer, wine, champagne, cheeses and dips even a fabulous ice cream maker with all the trimmings!

For All To Share - $200 delivered

We can't wait to receive your orders, our elves are standing by! CHRISTMAS DAY is Sunday, 25 December 2016 - NOT LONG!!

Monday, November 7, 2016

First Christmas Order!

Happy days! We received our very first Christmas 2016 order last week - from a very organised person indeed, great to see.

Just Lollies
 As you may (or may not) know things at Rainbow Designs have been very quite these last few months, actually pretty much this whole year has been quiet. I'm not sure what's caused things to quieten down. I've tried to keep my online presence active and relevant. I update Facebook regularly and am trying hard to blog semi regularly. I don't like blogging just for the sake of it but sometimes nothing's happening so I blog about anything and nothing!

I was so excited to see an order come through last week for Christmas, it gave me a little boost (which I desperately needed!) and hope that things will start to pick up in the coming weeks and we'll have a super busy festive season. Christmas and Easter have always been our busiest times, no surprise there I guess, but it is hard to stay positive and up beat when things have been a struggle this year.

Christmas Bubbles

I've updated the website and also added a bulk and corporate discount for all single orders over 30 gift hampers. 10% if you're wondering :-) Large orders are great and I always try and ensure we are offering the best hampers with the best price so it does make it difficult to discount them. I know businesses expect a cheaper price when they order larger quantities hence the discount offer but in reality for me my costs are exactly the same as is the delivery charges. No discounts for us. Being a small business has its advantages but also disadvantages, none more so than not being able to compete price wise with the bigger companies. Our buying capacity is not in their league. Our bulk buying is their every day buying! Having said that though, I believe we still offer very competitive prices and some people have even said our prices aren't higher enough! From the very beginning I always wanted to have gifts that were affordable and at prices I would be happy to pay myself. In doing this though it means my profit margins are extremely low and make it all the more important to keep a regular flow of daily orders coming in. Unfortunately this currently isn't the case but I'll keep plugging away!
For All to Share Hamper
Thank you to everyone who has ever ordered with us and thank you to everyone who continues to order from us - we maybe struggling to make ends meet but we are still enjoying running our little business. A private jet may never been in our future or even business class but as long as I can keep paying my bills
and eating chocolate I'm happy!

Have a sensational week everyone and don't forget to think of us whenever you need a gift, we are here to help you!

ps: Christmas is less than 7 weeks away!!

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Shop Local with American Express

We've been accepting American Express cards pretty much since the day we opened our virtual doors. When we were in the processing of organising our banking and online payment gateway we thought it would be best to be able to accept all forms of credit cards, not just Visa and Mastercard. In general most people have a credit card or at least a debit credit card and most businesses use either Diners or American Express with Amex being slightly more popular. The fees in accepting these last two cards are higher than Visa and MC but generally when used are for larger orders, woo!

Just Chocolates - $29 delivered
Just Chocolates - $29 delivered ($19 with $10 cash back!)

American Express have been running a campaign throughout the year where they are trying to promote and help small businesses, like us! Their current promotion starts on 31st October and ends 30th November and provides a $10 cash back with every order you place with a small business valued over $20. Pretty good I think. This doesn't just apply to online businesses but bricks and mortar as well.

It's hard work running a small business and being up against the 'big guys' so it's always a nice feeling when a big company wants to help out. We don't have a huge turnover and definitely wouldn't affect American Express if we closed down so it's wonderful that they're willing to help us out with no strings attached. How refreshing!

So, if you are in need of some yummy gifts or want to start your Christmas shopping early and you have an Amex Card, November is the time to do it! All orders over $20 paid for with an Amex card will be eligible for a $10 cash back from American Express. The cash back will be processed by American Express (and not Rainbow Designs) and will be credited onto your American Express card that you used at the time of purchase.

Thank you Amex and you, our lovely customers, for supporting small business - we appreciate it so much!! Sign up here to register your card - no strings attached this is just so American Express know you've shopped local :-)

Monday, October 17, 2016

Show me the Orders

September has come to an end and hopefully the order drought has too. It's be one of the quietest months in a very, very long time. Not only have I not broken even but I'm pretty sure I spent more than I made - not a good thing. I've pulled in the purse strings as much as I can. I've tried to be more regular with blogging. I'm forever tweaking the Rainbow Designs website. I'm Facebooking semi regularly which seems to be losing likers instead of gaining more or at the very least entertaining and informing our current likers.

It's a slow decline but I am truly hoping that it'll hit bottom and start it's climb back up again very soon. I'm missing the busyness of my daily work life. It really messes with you confidence when your business, that you've been running for 14 years, is starting to fail in a big way. What went wrong? I'm happy to plod along and get a consistent amount of orders daily. Pay my bills and save a bit but I'm not even doing that. Paying my bills, just, no savings.

The last couple of weeks have been an absolute nightmare in terms of delivery. Both companies I use, Fastway Couriers and Australia Post have let me down big time. This does not make my business look good and costs me money. Money which I don't have.

I really need to start focusing on Christmas.We do have our Christmas Hampers on the website and I've got the Christmas labels already to go as well. We've got the Christmas wrap and tissue paper at the ready now it's just promoting and reminding people we're still here.

I have found a lot of people, even businesses, leave their Christmas gift ordering to the very last minute no matter how many times we remind the via Facebook, emails etc at least with Christmas falling on the weekend it does give us a few extra days with delivery plus Australia Post and often Fastways will be delivering on the Saturday before Christmas too - always a huge help. The often deliver on Saturdays all through December just because of the volume of parcels and letters they have.

Fingers crossed to a happy and busy festive season :-)

Monday, September 26, 2016

Coffee to Tea

I've always been a coffee drinker right from when I started work oh so long ago! Never got into tea even though my mum and nan were big tea drinkers. Not sure why really, I love the smell of brewing coffee. Tea just doesn't have that same aroma does it?

About 18 months ago I had health issues and had to have surgery and, do you know what? I went off coffee. Weird. I just didn't like the taste of it any more and it didn't seem to like my body any more either. So what's a girl to do but try tea. I love a hot bevvie in the morning and couldn't give it up just because I didn't like coffee any more. I started with green tea. I like green tea but it's just doesn't have that same aaahhhhh feeling as a yummy coffee did. So I tried a 'normal' tea - black tea with milk and surprisingly I liked it! I like it strong but milky, if that makes sense! I bit like my coffee actually.

Off and on I've been drinking coffee but mostly if I'm out and can get a yummy barista made latte. I don't like instant coffee at all. I tried some recently, when I was away, from a coffee machine, eewwwwww. Not nice at all so I stuck with tea.

Funnily enough, this coffee machines coffee wasn't too bad.
Camomile tea is now my thing for the evening as I have trouble sleeping well and thought this might help. Not sure if it is or not but I've got into my little ritual of having a camomile tea just before heading to bed to read - I'm a real nanna now ;-)

Green tea is meant to help with digestion, thought I'd test that theory!

I had thought that drinking much less coffee and more tea it might help with my sleeping but it doesn't appear to have made any difference, obviously caffeine wasn't the cause of my bad sleeping. Although, I would never have a late night cup of coffee as that DID have an adverse affect of sleep. Makes sense though.

Occasionally when I'm out and about I'll shout myself a barista made coffee never a tea, I don't mind paying for a coffee but not for a tea. It's a tea bag and they still charge the same as a yummy coffee, why is that? Mum found out that on the train (xpt) you can bring your own tea bag and just buy a cup of hot water for $1 instead of $3.50 plus if you bring your own mug (with lid) you get the hot water free! I guess you could also do that with coffee and just bring a coffee bag.

So even though I don't drink as much coffee as I use to I still like to start my day with a hot drink, not sure if I'd get much work done otherwise!

Are you a tea or coffee drinker? Maybe neither?

ps: Happy birthday mum. xx